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Bausch + Lomb ULTRA

Bausch + Lomb ULTRA

使用優惠碼「CHEAP 」即可每盒隱形眼鏡減$100

Enter promo code "CHEAP" to have a price cut of $100/box


Silicone hydrogel contact lens



Short-sighted 近視

-0.25 ~ -6.00(0.25 per gap)
-6.50 ~ -12.00(0.50 per gap)


Long-sighted 遠視(須訂8星期 Need to Wait for 8 weeks)

+0.25 ~ +6.00(0.25 per gap)


由2023年8月1日開始,所有Bausch + Lomb產品訂後不得退換。

Refund & goods exchange are not applicable to all the Bausch + Lomb products.

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